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This is the first volume of the "Vintage Aloha Shirts" series, which introduces approximately 2,000 of the more than 4,000 vintage shirts in the collection of TOYO ENTERPRISE Co., LTD's president Ryoichi Kobayashi, known as a world-class collector of vintage aloha shirts, in 10 volumes over a five-year period.

Based on the knowledge of vintage aloha shirts accumulated by Mr. Kobayashi over the years, and supervised by Yoshihiro Nakano, an aloha shirt researcher who has inherited this knowledge and directs the popular aloha shirt brand "SUN SURF," this is a completely preserved edition for fans to covet.
This book contains not only basic knowledge of aloha shirts, but also the history of each brand, the background behind the shirt's creation, and other information that is generally unknown.
Basically, the book will be divided into chapters for each shirt design pattern, and each issue will include some kind of "special feature" in addition to the chapters. This first issue will feature two major brands, KAMEHAMEHA and DUKE KAHANAMOKU.

We plan to release a total of 10 issues, and we will try to balance each issue so that each issue will feature all the major brands and well-known designs.

In addition, when we think of vintage aloha shirts, we tend to associate them with rayon or silk, but there are many rare models made of cotton as well, and in fact, cotton shirts have been made since prewar times. Therefore, we believe that the role of this book is to overturn the common prejudice against vintage aloha shirts and to leave correct information to future generations by covering not only the material but also a wide range of production periods from the 1930s to the 1970s.
This book will be an indispensable resource not only for those who love aloha shirts, but also for those who love vintage clothing.

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