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Lightning Vol 340

Lightning Vol 340

Brand:  Lightning

Weight:  500 g

Based on American culture, Lightning focuses on everything from fashion to lifestyle with a slightly fussy perspective on people, things, and things. This issue features motorcycles. The new normal lifestyle has taken root in the world of motorcycles, which not only allows people to move freely while avoiding the densely populated areas of the country, but also allows people to enjoy activities such as solo camping, and the value of vintage motorcycles is on the rise. However, as is typical of Lightning, we focus not only on motorcycle enthusiasts, but also on people who live with their bikes, linking everything from fashion to lifestyle. From the choice of bike, to customization, to fashion when riding, to their favorite gear. The ways in which people live with their motorcycles, which are a part of their lifestyles, are introduced. A wide range of motorcycles appear in the book, from American, European, and domestic models to a wide range of ages. The magazine also introduces the lifestyles of the bikers, provides snapshots of bikers for your reference, and covers the new models that are currently on the editorial staff's radar. The opening feature makes you want to add motorcycles to your summer activities. The second feature is on Okinawa. Okinawa has been in the news for the 50th anniversary of its reversion to mainland Japan, but Lightning believes that a trip to Okinawa as described in so-called guidebooks is not interesting enough. The magazine features a wide range of topics on Okinawa, where American culture has long been rooted, and where you can enjoy food, clothing, and shelter as only this magazine can. The magazine picks up spots that can be enjoyed by core adults, including hobbyists who embody the lifestyle they long to enjoy, and introduces stores that are a little deeper. This is a special issue on Okinawa that is different from the others, and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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