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Lightning Vol 339

Lightning Vol 339
Lightning Vol 339Lightning Vol 339Lightning Vol 339Lightning Vol 339

Brand:  Lightning

Weight:  500 g

Special Features
Tokyo Car Life.
Based on American culture, Lightning focuses on fashion and lifestyle from a slightly fussy perspective on people, things, and things. This issue features cars. Among them, we focus on the styles of car enthusiasts in the Tokyo metropolitan area, especially Tokyo. To be honest, there is not much trouble in the Tokyo metropolitan area even if you do not own a car, so there are a surprisingly large number of people who dare to project their hobbies onto their cars to the fullest. Their choice of 4WDs, pickup trucks, young-timer European cars, old Japanese cars, etc., which are linked to their fashion and hobbies, give us many thoughts and ideas that can change the criteria for car selection. They give us many thoughts and ideas that will change our criteria for car selection. If you are going to go to the trouble of owning a car, you want to choose a partner you can love for a long time. This may be the style of car enthusiasts living in the city. We find nothing but fascination in the way they love, use, and tweak their cars.

Special Feature 2
From new to vintage, a large collection of bowling shirts!
The second feature article focuses on bowling shirts. The bowling shirt, a sport shirt born from the American bowling scene, is a unique style born from American culture. The open collar and box silhouette design is a trendy style these days. Among them, we focus on bowling shirts, which have long been a core favorite. This issue covers everything from vintage to current items, and introduces coordinated outfits that you should keep in mind for this summer. In addition, there is a report on the Lightning Festival 2022 held the other day at the end of the book.

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