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Lightning Vol 338

Lightning Vol 338
Lightning Vol 338Lightning Vol 338Lightning Vol 338
Lightning Vol 338Lightning Vol 338Lightning Vol 338
Our Price:  ¥1,200.00

Brand:  Lightning

Weight:  500 g


Continuing from the previous issue, this issue features America, a specialty of Lightning, which focuses on everything from fashion to lifestyle from a slightly fussy perspective on people, things, and things based on American culture. From the old, good old America that we longed for in our youth to the America of today, we want to incorporate the things we "love" into our lifestyles, whether new or old, without being influenced by the latest fads. This magazine constantly follows American culture, including hints and examples that will help you find solutions to such thoughts, people who are completely absorbed in American culture, and even the surprising culture of the United States. We are proud to present a special feature on America, covering food, clothing, shelter, and more, all centered around a culture that will never fade away. From vintage and new spring fashions to American housing, car culture, and toys, this issue is designed to enhance your lifestyle with the inexhaustible style of Lightning, who is full of curiosity and appetite. Lightning's unique in-depth look at American culture, which it has been following since its inception, is packed with in-depth coverage and attention to detail. This issue delves even deeper into things, people, and culture to support a lifestyle of living your "favorite" things.

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