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Brand:  2nd

Weight:  716 g

This issue features the "Superb Masterpieces" section, which reintroduces Alden V-tips, Brooks Brothers blazers, and other items that have been loved for a long time as super-classic items. We also have a plan to introduce the personal items that trad-loving industry people use as masterpieces on a daily basis, as well as a plan to pick up 10 "super masterpieces" and ask industry people to wear them. In addition, we will introduce not only clothes, but also traditional masterpieces of miscellaneous goods. In the end, we come to the point where the classic items that everyone loves are "the best of the best! The second feature is, in a sense, a special section on the food and beverage industry. The second feature is a special section on "Machi Chuuka," which delves into the "traditional" machi Chuuka of the food and beverage industry. We cover 10 carefully selected restaurants. And what a special appearance by Machinuka lover Jyutaro Tamabukuro! Don't miss the September issue, which will satisfy both your appetite and your hunger!

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