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Brand:  2nd

Weight:  716 g


First Feature: "Madras and Seersucker Season."
The new items are all in cool fabrics such as madras check, seersucker, and tropical wool, which are indispensable for summer traditional styles. The catalog pages are filled with refreshing shirts, shorts, and other items that are both visually appealing and comfortable. In addition, don't miss the "Summer Trad Style Samples" by approximately 30 fashion industry professionals. This is a large volume of American traditional style.

The second special feature, "Made in Japan's Masterpieces, Chosen by Tradists
Made in Japan design and quality always attract the attention of fashionistas around the world. Among them, fashionable people in the industry introduce items that work well with traditional styles.

Third feature: "90s Golf Style Following in Michael Jordan's Footsteps" (Japanese only)
Michael Jordan is a basketball god known to everyone, but he is actually quite a golf fan. In addition, his golf look was quite stylish. Taking MJ's style as a role model, this issue features the recent golf boom from the unique perspective of the 2nd issue.

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